Best Practices evolve through the experience and the practices adopted by the Rongeur Instruments to provide you products with highest quality are the outcome of two decades of experience in Surgical Instruments manufacturing. We keep evolve and adopt the best from best practices with the input of, Employee’s Involvement & empowerment, latest technological adoptions, Research and Development and Customers’ Feedback as key factors in production of quality Instruments with Long Term Value Creation.

Muhammad Nauman joined the family business in 2007, along with involvement in production matters, his task was to keep evolving production framework and make them best by keep implementing all the knowledge gained from the professional business qualifications.

Mixture of his experience and cost & management accounting practices proved very beneficial for the company in decreasing costs, in time production and creation of top-notch quality products by involving and empowering employees in R&D and decision making.

Roots of our best production practices are directly connected with customer satisfaction and feedback. While managing the quality at each and every step of production, customers’ satisfaction is addressed and products with highest quality are produced.

With the factory located in Sialkot, Pakistan, employing 95 skilled employees, LSI not only ensures the satisfaction of valued customers but also guarantees our products to satisfy environmental and moral standards. Corporate Governance Reputation of SURGIAGE INSTRUMENTS is well known in industry due to its fair and ethics-based dealings with employees, suppliers, local communities, Governmental and Non-Governmental regulatory bodies. Along with the business growth, SURGIAGE INSTRUMENTS policy addresses the reduction of carbon footprint and environmental issues at its core.

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